The US multifamily / apartment for-rent housing industry continues to remain a strong sector for investors as the economy steadily recovers from the recent downturn.

Market research shows that the demand for multifamily development is further being fueled by the tendency for consumers to choose rental housing options over buying property, especially by young families entering the marketplace.

Current projections generally show demand continuing to be strong into the foreseeable future, creating an environment currently with high occupancy level and demand for new development.

ACI has taken advantage of this demand by working with its investors and contacts in the development world to engage the industry, offering their experience and resources in advising and aiding business’ unique financial goals.

ACI specializes in multifamily equity raises that include LP and GP for capitalization.

In addition to development, ACI is also interested in:

  • Traditional acquisitions
  • Acquisitions with rehab component
  • Acquisitions with nearly-completed new construction
  • Acquisitions out of foreclosure
  • Refinances with fresh equity
  • Debt buy-backs
  • Properties in lease-up