Recent Accomplishments

  1. $10,000,000 credit of working capital for a large senior housing portfolio.
  2. Equity Recapitalization – $10,000,000 – Two existing cash flowing Assisted Living/Memory Care facilities located in Ocala and St. Pete, Florida. ACI co-founded this transaction. ACI Capital Partners subsequently recapitalized the equity providing “cash-out” funds to buy out equity partners. ACI Capital Partners recapitalized the equity in this existing asset. Funded $7,500,000 mezzanine financing. https://elegance-livi and
  3. A $57,000,000 capitalization multifamily development in Jacksonville, Florida. and later sold
  4. $30,000,000 Assisted Living/Memory Care facility in Chicago, IL with $8,000,000 in equity and
  5. $15,000,000 memory care facility built in St. Augustine, Florida with $4,000,000 equity.
  6. $25,000,000 in debt financing to construct student housing in San Diego. Closed $25,000,000 in financing for student housing development in San Diego, CA. ACI Capital Partners subsequently arranged $25,000,000 construction loan.
  7. $4,000,000 mezzanine financing for various sponsor developments. Provided construction financing for affordable housing developer in 2010. The sponsor remains as a partner with ACI Capital Partners on various transactions.
  8. Closed December 2018: A $41,000,000 student housing property in Boone, NC and ACI Capital Partners brought in $9,500,000 in equity. The equity ACI brought in was our network of EB5 Investors. Sponsor: University: Appalachain State University
  9. Property Built: $7,500,000 equity investment into a new senior housing facility to be built in Paoli, PA
  10. Closed June 2019 Self Storage Charleston, SC for $4,000,000.