ACI Capital Partners, Inc.

ACI Capital Partners’ unique knowledge, broad capital markets relationships, investor base, and national and international platforms, make us a valuable partners and resource for commercial real estate capitalization.

With a history of performance spanning more than 10 years, we bring to the table over 12,000 investors, combined with over 23,000 accounts that operate from offices in major and secondary markets throughout the United States and Canada.

ACI Capital Partners specialize in equity and financing for multifamily (multi-unit residential) and senior housing commercial Industries, although our resources allow us to aid in almost any transaction at least on an advisory level.

ACI Capital Partners is a valuable relationship for virtually any real estate transaction. Our capitalization specialties include:  Equity,  Mezzanine Capital, Preferred Equity, Investment Sales – Acquisitions and Dispositions, Advisory Services, and Private Equity.