ACI has implemented an equity program for the US and Canada for investing in Senior Housing (Senior Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Independent Living), and  Multifamily Apartments, for existing assets and new developments.

ACI is actively seeking senior living and multifamily opportunities to invest along with seasoned owners and developers on a programmatic basis.

ACI and its investors have been investing and growing their investor base and separate funds over the past several years.

Highlights of the ACI’s Equity Program:

  1.  ACI can invest as a LP (Limited Partner) only.
  2.  ACI can invest as a GP (General Partner) only.
  3.  ACI can bring in all the LP investment and share the GP equity (50/50 for example).
  4.  ACI can bring in total up to 95% of the total project equity.
  5.  ACI may express interest in becoming the operator
  6.  ACI can buy the development project and / or buy the project as Certificate of Occupancy or Stabilization
  7.  All equity gets a preferred rate of return
  8.  Depending on the LP equity share, and the GP equity share splits, we can be flexible with this structure and promote.