Bond Financing

ACI has recently implemented a new bond financing program, targeted specifically at
multifamily and senior housing property developments.

This program highlights include: tax exemption on the interest on the bond, flexibility, high-leverage, fast closing time of less than 90 days, and construction-to-perm parameters.

Bond Financing Program Highlights:

  • Targeted Property Types:  Multifamily & Senior Housing
  • Targeted Markets:  Primary U.S. markets
  • Loan Type:  Construction-to-permanent loan
  • Loan Range:  $5 million – $100 million
  • High leverage:  Up to 85% loan to project cost
  • Less equity required for your transaction
  • Fast closing time:  Deal closings of maximum 90 days
  • Non-recourse
  • Term & Amortization:
    • Debt service:  Structured with 24 months of interest-only payments
    • Final maturity:  25 years standard – Can be increased to 30 years or more
  •  Pricing:  6 – 7%
  • Tax Exempt:  Interest on bonds are exempt from Federal income taxes
  • Two year  interest and operating reserve built in